Woman was immediately fired after coming to work with a new tattoo. Is it fair?

Woman was immediately fired after coming to work with a new tattoo. Is it fair?

A woman was shocked to discover she had been fired from her job despite being praised for her work during her five months tenure.

38-year-old Jo Perkins was fired from her job at Salisbury FM when she showed up to work one day with her butterfly tattoo showing on her foot.

According to America Now, the company was fully aware of Perkins' tattoo when they hired her, but she was fired after a new policy regarding hiding tattoos had been implemented at the workplace to seem more professional in front of the customers.

The source wrote that the rule regarding no tattoos was implemented only a few months after Perkins started her job at Salisbury FM. The rule was an attempt to preserve the company's image of professionalism in front of its customers.

Ed Swales, the chief executive of the company revealed, "The policy is in place to ensure our employees and contractors project the professional image we want our customers to see in Salisbury." He further alleged that Perkins had made "no effort" to follow the policy.

In Perkins' version of the story, she revealed that she was finding it difficult to cover up the tattoo whilst maintaining the high professional dress code that the company expects from the employees.

Perkins revealed that the only way for her to hide the tattoo was to wear a sock. However, being the businesswoman, she likes to dress in smart outfits, which, according to her, doesn't really go well with socks.

So, faced with this trouble, she one day turned up at work without making any attempt to cover the butterfly tattoo on her foot. To her surprise and dismay, she found that she had been fired for not complying with the company's policy.

She was escorted out of the building and could not have any say in the matter.

However, she is now deciding upon taking legal action against the behavior of Salisbury FM. Perkins claims that she has been discriminated because of her tattoo although the company had always praised her work during her five months in the company.