Shemar Moore arrives on red carpet with a mysterious woman. They look awesome together, right?

Shemar Moore arrives on red carpet with a mysterious woman. They look awesome together, right?

The star made an appearance with a fellow actor to this year’s Grammy Awards. He took some time out to explain how they had met.

The pair made a great match together as they posed on the red carpet on January 28, 2018. But they were adamant that they were just having fun and allowing their relationship to grow in the direction it wants.

On Sunday, Shemar Moore, 47, brought a beautiful date to the Grammy Awards. His fans and followers wanted to know the identity of the gorgeous woman.

Extra reported that Moore had posed for red carpet pictures with the stunning Quantico actress Anabelle Acosta. Being seen together sparked rumors that the couple was dating.

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Moore presented SZA’s performance at the Awards ceremony. He also revealed that he was excited about Elton John and Aleissa Cara.

The S.W.A.T. star told ET Online how his romance with Acosta had started. He revealed that he’d written an email to Acosta but didn’t think she would respond.

“I wrote [the email] just knowing there’s no way she’s going to hit me back… But I went back to my creative writing classes, I got my mama in my head, ‘Show respect,’ and I was a poet. Poetry in these fingertips! I wrote a little something something, and I just waited… A few days went by, and then bam!”

Shemar Moore, Inquisitr, January 28, 2018

Moore had decided to do it on a whim, just in case she would want to go to the Grammy Awards as his date. A few days went by and then, she responded and he was thrilled that she had agreed to be his date.

The actor stated that they were just getting to know each other and just wanted to have fun. He made it clear that he adored her.

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Moore added that he’d be happy if things went well between them, but if things went sour, he would be happy he’d reached out either way. The actor said that Acosta’s reply to him was that she had heard he was looking for her.

She then told him to watch himself and he admitted that he’d loved her response and gushed about how gorgeous she was to the cameras. Acosta revealed that last year, she had presented at the Latin Grammy Awards and it had been a stressful experience.

The actress confessed that she never had the chance to enjoy the event. However, this year, she stated that she got to watch the show and not have the stress of presenting any awards.

Moore insisted that he wouldn’t be “the tan George Clooney” and wait until later in life to get married and start a family. He also admitted that he had butterflies in his stomach about introducing SZA’s performance.

At the time he had said that if he could get through the teleprompter, it would be a great night. He added that after the ceremony he and Acosta were going to be attending the after party.

The former Criminal Minds star has been vocal about his desire to find the woman of his dreams and start a family. He said that he believed that the perfect woman was out there, just waiting to meet him.