Beloved star singer, 52, faces devastating loss after his wife's 2-year cancer battle ends

Beloved star singer, 52, faces devastating loss after his wife's 2-year cancer battle ends

Stacey Young, Paul Young’s wife, passed away after a tough battle with brain cancer that lasted two years. Several people have sent their condolences.

On January 26, 2018, Paul took to Twitter to announce that his wife passed away on that same day. He revealed that she died peacefully at their home surrounded by her family, friends, and four children.

According to Mirror, Paul was not the only one who took his time to honor the memory of his late wife. Steve Norman, one of the founding members of Spandau Ballet, tweeted that he was shocked and sad for the news.

He pointed out that Stacey was ‘such a character’ and ‘down to earth,’ and admitted that she was present in one of the videos the band did a couple of years ago. He finished his post sending his condolences to Paul and his family.

Patsy Palmer, best known for her role in East Enders, also admitted she was sad and very sorry for Paul’s loss. She added that Stacey was a beautiful angel ‘inside and out’ and that the Young family was in her prayers.

Paul and Stacey first met in 1983, when she worked on the video shoot for Come Back and Stay. Four years later, the couple got married.

After that, they welcomed three children – daughters Levi and Layla and son Grady. Unfortunately for the couple, they took different paths in 2006 and were separated for three years.

Paul even moved out of their shared home. During that time, Stacey found the love again with a Israeli businessman called Ilan Slazenger, who moved to the house she and Paul used to share and had her fourth child, son Jude.

In 2009, Stacey and Paul got back together and he became Jude’s stepfather. He pointed out that their time apart made obvious for them that they were meant to be together.

Paul added that the best thing to do in such circumstances was to keep things as friendly as possible so the children don’t get too affected.

Mirror finally reported that Paul ‘respectfully’ asked for privacy in such a difficult moment.