Meet the woman who claims to have the world's largest fake breasts

Meet the woman who claims to have the world's largest fake breasts

For Mayra Hills, the bigger the better.

As reported by VT, The 29-year-old German adult model owned the world’s biggest augmented breasts and it’s easy to see why.

Mayra, also known as Beshine, has a 32Z. Supposedly, the average size is a 34B. Each breast contains 10 liters of saline solution and weighs 20lbs.

Beshine wrote on her blog that her breasts are always growing. She sees them more as a triple infinity size. She stands 5'6" and has an average body figure, which makes her gigantic breasts really stand out.

According to her, she has an A Cup before she underwent her first implants. Her breasts grown enormously over the years.

The adult model explained that her breasts impact her daily life massively. Beshine said she can’t really find any clothes to wear, can’t drive a car or navigating small spaces, including cinema seats.

'It is not easy, but those who seek shall find,' she wrote.

She added that in order the tops to fit her, it must be 'very big and wide or narrow, and very elastic.'

Beshine continued that she can still buy pants and other bottoms in ordinary shops, but her bras are custom made. She always brings an emergency bra with her just in case the one she's wearing breaks. She also needs to wear three sports bras at the gym sometimes.

In spite of the difficulties her implants bring, Beshine has no intention of getting rid of them. She's very determined to make them even bigger.

When asked about people's comments when they see her big breasts, Beshine replied that she can't hide it and she doesn't want to hide it.

"I attract attention. I'm different. Sometimes you hear a giggle, or just staring, sometimes negative words. Often women hate me. Guys are mostly speechless or think I'm a porn actress," she added.

She went on saying she has no time for "intolerant people" so she's not interested in what other people think about her.