Husband demands a divorce in a letter to his wife. Her reply makes him regret it so much

Husband demands a divorce in a letter to his wife. Her reply makes him regret it so much

Both the letters were harsh, but the wife clearly won the battle.

An article published by Newsner reported on an exchange of letters between a husband and a wife, wherein the husband asked for a divorce and received an unexpectedly happy response from the wife.

In the letter to his wife, the husband broke the news that he was parting ways with her permanently. He remarked that he had been a good-natured husband to her for 7 years, however, he got nothing in return from her. 

The man added that the last two weeks of their time living together had been particularly difficult. However, he revealed that when he learned from her boss that she had resigned from her job, he decided to put his foot down and call it quits.

Source: Newsner

Further on in the letter, the man mentioned that in their final week together, she failed to notice a new haircut he had gotten. 

Additionally, he claimed that she also did not comment on the new pair of silk boxers he had bought and had also been ungrateful when he cooked pork for her, which he believed was her favorite dish.

She had eaten the meal, after which she quietly went on to watch all her favorite television soaps and then went to bed without any compliment or words of thanks.

The man complained further that his wife had been disinterested in intimacy, and had not attempted to connect with him in any manner. He assumed that his wife was either cheating on him with another man or simply wasn’t in love with him.

After signing his name, the husband added a shocking note that he and his wife’s sister were going to live together as a couple in West Virginia.

To this, the wife’s response began boldly, by addressing him as an ex-husband. She stated that she was ecstatic about the fact that they were finally separating, and denied that he had been a good man.

She explained that she watched the television programs as an escape from the complaining nature of her husband. She added that she had indeed taken notice of his new hair-style. However, in her view, the haircut made him look like a girl, and she preferred to remain quiet than to criticize.

The wife also corrected the husband about his knowledge of her favorite food. She stated that the meal was her sister’s favorite and not hers since she had stopped consuming pork since the beginning of their marriage.

The wife also addressed her ex-husband’s complaint about not noticing his boxers. She stated that she saw the price tag of $49.9 on it, and it made her suspicious because her sister had borrowed $50 from her earlier that day.

However, she was willing to give their relationship another go. It was at this point that she revealed the big news that she had won $10 million in a lotto and had bought 2 flight tickets for Jamaica for both of them to spend time together and rework on their marriage.

However, she found him gone, which meant that she had all the money to herself. She also added that her lawyer had confirmed that her ex-husband would not get any of the money she won.