Mom gives birth to real life 'mermaid', but her tragic story saddens the whole world

Mom gives birth to real life 'mermaid', but her tragic story saddens the whole world

This child was born with a rare disease but lost her life due to lack of proper medical care.

As reported by Meaww, a newborn baby passed away four hours after a birth due to a medical condition known as sirenomelia on Wednesday at the Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital in Kolkata, India.

This rare congenital developmental disorder that is characterized by abnormalities of the lower spine and limbs and gave the child an appearance of a mermaid. The fatal condition is found in approximately one in 100,000 births and was only the second recorded episode in India.

The baby was born to financially challenged laborer parents who could neither afford the prenatal scans nor the subsequent procedures to attempt saving the baby’s life.   

The mother of the child was a 23-year-old woman named Muskura Bibi. She and her husband lived a thrifty life due to their lower salaries and could not afford proper health care during Bibi’s pregnancy.

Even the doctors were shocked to see the condition of Bibi’s child at birth. The child’s condition was critical since birth due to abnormalities in the kidney and urinary bladder on account of her unusual body structure.

Dr. Sudip Saha, who works as a child specialist at the Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital, indicated that the lack of proper nourishment and blood circulation to the baby from the mother during pregnancy was the cause of the irregularity.

This was the first case in Dr. Saha’s career where he witnessed sirenomelia. He revealed that it was the first case in the state of Kolkata and only the second case in India. 

The baby had a normal form in the upper part of the body while its lower limbs were merged together. The lower part of the body was not properly nourished to develop properly.

The physical deformity occurs when the umbilical cord fails to form two arteries resulting in insufficient blood supply to the fetus. It can be diagnosed prenatally if medical action is taken at the right time. 

India’s first case of sirenomelia was documented in 2016 in the state of Uttar Pradesh who survived for 10 minutes.