These 7 signs may suggest that your Guardian Angel is trying to tell you something

These 7 signs may suggest that your Guardian Angel is trying to tell you something

According to lore, guardian angels watch over us and guide us when we need it the most. Many people rely on their guardian angels to help them through hard times.

They aren't visible to our mortal eye and might not be able to contact us directly, but many believers say that they leave subtle signs to remind us of their presence.

They can manifest these signs in different ways, as reported by Meaww. While we cannot prove their existence, we can keep a lookout for these seven signs. 

1. Clouds shaped like angels

This is a relatively common occurrence. When you see a random cloud shaped like an angel or angel wings, your guardian angel is watching over you. 

Source: Pixabay

2. Pets and babies

Have you ever noticed a baby looking at the corner of the room or ceiling and smiling for no reason? They might be alerting us to the presence of a guardian angel. 

Pets can alert us too. Like babies, they have pure souls and are innocent. A pet, especially a cat, might concentrate on a specific part of the room, even if the space appears to be empty.

Source: Pexels

3. Sparkling lights

If you see flashes of light or color, sometimes lasting only a mere second or two, it could be an indication that your guardian angel is close by. 

Other times, they might manifest themselves by making you see sparkling lights out of the corner of your eye. When you notice these flashes, simply remain calm and center yourself. 

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4. Coins

Sometimes you might find coins in strange places. This is a way in which a guardian angel will try to interact with you directly. Especially if the coins are in areas where you would least expect to find them.

5. Music

People have reported that they can hear a calm or soothing noise, similar to music, playing in their ears or erupting from within them. This could be a sign from your guardian angel. 

Source: Pexel

6. Feathers

If you are out for a walk or a jog and spot a feather on your path, it is a sign that a guardian angel is present. The use of feathers is one of the strongest indicators. 

7.  Fragrance

Sometimes you will notice a sweet scent in the air, but the source of the scent might be a mystery. This is believed to be a sign that your guardian angel is close by.