Dying teen desperately calls mom for help. Parents rush to school but can do nothing

Dying teen desperately calls mom for help. Parents rush to school but can do nothing

A 15-year-old girl frantically called her mother asking for help but was never found in time as she passed away on January 23, 2018, at her high school.

Bailey Holt was a student at the Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky where a mass shooting occurred.

According to Liftable, another student who lost his life that day was also 15-year-old Preston Ryan Cope. 18 other students were injured because of the incident.

Following the shooting, Bailey’s parents, Secret and Jason Holt, opened up about the tragedy. They shared that Bailey even managed to make a phone call to her mother before she passed.

Prior to Bailey’s death, both parents found out what was going on at the school and immediately tried to call Bailey multiple times but she was not answering her phone.

Soon after, Secret saw her daughter’s name on her phone and answered the call. As she placed the phone in her ear, she realized her daughter was unable to speak.

“She called me and all I could hear was voices, chaos in the background. She couldn’t say anything and I tried to call her name over and over and over and she never responded.”

Secret Holt, Liftable, January 25, 2018

Eventually, the couple left their home to go rescue their daughter. They waited outside the school and was led to the fire department where they were told about Bailey’s tragic misfortune.

The shooter was another student, who is still left unnamed as of the moment and has been charged as an adult with two counts of murder, plus 12 counts of first-degree assault.

Secret confessed that she is unsure whether she can go through the experience of seeing the shooter in court. She said she wants him to pay for the crime he committed.

Although, Secret added that she also wants to pray for him because she knows the shooter is having a hard time as well.