Mother brutally beat her child. But she didn't go to jail because the judge found her 'beautiful'

Mother brutally beat her child. But she didn't go to jail because the judge found her 'beautiful'

Some people are simply not prepared to be a parent.

While most parents claim that is not as easy as it seems, at it doesn't seem that easy, most of them would feel horrified just by looking at these pictures.

This mother admitted she had beaten up his child with a metal spoon just because she was fed up with all her noise. According to Por qué no se me ocurrió, 26-year-old Lorien Norman was accused of child abuse, facing a 13-year sentence.

Surprisingly, she didn't go to prison for it, and the reason for it is the worst part of the story, as the judge said she was 'too beautiful' to go to jail.

The mother got a sentence that not everybody's happy about, as thousands of users on social media thought she deserved some prison time.

Norman was married to Shane Mcmahon, but they claimed the relationship was really bad and beyond repair and decided to divorce.

While Mcmahon had taken India and Evie with him, Norman was the one to get the custody of them, as he only could see them twice a week.

The beating happened in 2016. The girls were happily playing, but their noisy screaming was upsetting Norman until she finally lost it and started beating Evie's face with a spoon.

The baby obviously started crying and the neighbors were worried about it. They decided to call the police after Norman wouldn't answer them knocking on her doorstep.

When the police arrived at Norman's home, they found a blue-eyed Evie.

Norman declared that Evie had just fallen on the floor, but when they rushed her to the hospital, doctors discovered she had more than 8 hits in different areas of her body, so Norman confessed.

Neighbors claimed that this was not the first time she has beaten one of her girls, as one time she threatened throwing one of them out of the window. She was a true menace to them.

Norman only had to pay a $500 dollars fine, on top of a good behavior bond, which means she cannot commit any more offenses for a set amount of time.

According to the judge, the wounds were just superficial and she was able to pay and leave immediately. This is not taking into account the psychologic damage done or the possibility of fatal offense.

Shane Mcmahon was really upset about the sentence, claiming that he wanted them living with him.

"I don't have words to describe my anger. When they're with me, they're fine, they're healthy and safe. I don't mind raising them or educate them, I don't even need anyone's help for it because I love my children," he said.

"Knowing that they only give a 10-month sentence for a crime that could get you 13 years... What kind of government allows that justice is not applied properly?" he added, and it's hard not to be on his part, to be honest.