'Dancing On Ice' star taken to the hospital after a horrific fall during rehearsals

'Dancing On Ice' star taken to the hospital after a horrific fall during rehearsals

The celebrity’s first season on the popular show took an unprecedented turn.

According to an article published by Mirror, figure skater Ale Izquierdo had to be rushed to the hospital after a fall during one of her rehearsals with dancing partner Max Evans.

The duo was practicing for the live show that was scheduled for Sunday, the 28th of January. While rehearsing a risky move in the routine, which involved Evans lifting Izquierdo, the professional skater slipped from her partner’s arms. 

This resulted in Izquierdo smashing into the ice floor, leaving her in severe pain and the inability to move.

The sudden mishap took Evans by shock, and the medics on the crew were seen immediately rushing in to check on Izquierdo. Shortly thereafter, she was transported to a nearby hospital.

It was evident that the 30-year-old Mexican Figure-Skating Champion was experiencing unbearable pain, and the crew and her dancing partner were extremely worried about her condition.

Luckily, it has been reported that Izquierdo was back to her home the same day, recovering stably from her injury. However, she could not be a part of the episode that she was rehearsing for.

The chemistry between Izquierdo and Evans has received an overwhelming response, and the two have been rumored to be dating. However, it is also known that Evans, a rugby player by profession, has a girlfriend named Lauren Jamieson.

One of their most liked performances has been their intimately choreographed dance to the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

This is Izquierdo’s first season on Dancing on Ice. The contest has been tagged as one of the most dangerous shows on television for the amount of risk it involves, and a few other contestants have previously had injuries on set.

It remains unclear whether Izquierdo will appear on the forthcoming week’s episode; if not, it is suspected that Evans would either not perform or team up with a different dance partner until Izquierdo is fit to return to the show.