A woman gives birth for the sixth time. Father looks closer and screams 'Oh my God!'

A woman gives birth for the sixth time. Father looks closer and screams 'Oh my God!'

The arrive of a new baby is always good news and a blessing for the family.

This couple obviously understands the idea, as they already had given birth to five lovely children, and they're extremely thankful for them, reported Viral Diario.

When the six one was born, his father couldn't resist but to yell something that his entire family will be remembering for generations to come.

Natalie and her husband, Kennedy, had been blessed with five beautiful girls, but they wanted a boy too.

When they discovered she was pregnant again, they decided to keep the new baby's gender a secret, so they could find out on the big day.

Kennedy was prepared to receive his six children, but he didn't know what was coming. He will definitely cherish this moment forever. 

On March 8, 2017, everything changed for the Waldwick family. On that day, Natalie was scheduled for a c-section. They also had a reaction cam for Kennedy.

As anyone would expect, Kennedy was really nervous about the whole procedure, and although is apparent that he loves his five girls, he wanted a boy since they started conceiving.

When the baby's gender was going to be revealed to him, he even became more nervous. The doctor even told him to sit down and relax as he was scaring other people in the hospital.

The attending nurse was there with them, making sure that he was prepared to know if he was going to raise another girl or the much-expected boy.

"Oh my God, oh my God! We did it! I have a boy!" he said in the video, and he could not be blamed for it.

This father had his new baby as an ultimate gift for his patience, and the video will always be there for him and his son to remember.